Ask Heidi: Who Needs to Hire an Elder Care Attorney?

When considering if you or a family member needs to hire an elder law attorney, believe this – elder law issues are complex and one wrong word or move can mean the difference between a good result and a bad one. Aside from this, the two reasons listed below should be enough to convince you or your family member to go out and find and hire a qualified elder law attorney to assist with elder law matters:

1. You need a personal representative. You must know State Law to correctly set up a personal representative in the State in which you reside.

2. You are filling out a Medicaid application. These documents are challenging. It’s a good investment to hire an Elder Care Lawyer to make sure these documents are filled out correctly the first time.

If you reside in the Daytona Beach, Florida area and are in the market for Elder Care Legal services, give me a call for a free consultation.

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