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The Benefits of Consulting a Small Business Attorney: Ensuring Business Security and Protecting Your Assets

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If you own or operate a business, you need to ensure you have every legal document in place. There’s a great deal of security earned through taking steps to consult with an attorney on matters related to setting up and running your business. 

Whether you are deciding how to set up your business, how to partner, or how to pass down your business to family members, the information and process can be long and complicated. On top of that, business law is constantly changing.

Whether you opt to establish your Florida business as an S Corporation, Incorporation, LLC, or Partnership, an experienced attorney can help you make the best choice for your individual situation. To learn more about these designations, visit this page with  types of businesses explained.

Business Law in Florida

Business laws in Florida are constantly being updated and adjusted. You need to stay current on the latest laws to ensure your business is operating legally and appropriately adhering to the current regulations. However, you can also look to a business attorney to navigate the process much more smoothly and securely. 

Asset Protection, Even for Small Businesses

Asset protection is essential in maintaining the stability of your business and its assets. Assets can be put at risk because of multiple vulnerabilities. Liability is always out there, and there is always a potential for lawsuits.

Examples of liability issues could pertain to personal injury on your premises, injury resulting from a motor vehicle accident, your responsibility for debts as an individual or as a guarantor for the debts of others including the business, allegations of misconduct, any pending lawsuits from former business partners, personal liability for yourself or the personal liability of business partners.

Florida is no doubt a litigious state, so it’s best to have all the proper business documents, contracts and agreements in place and the advice and foresight of a trusted business attorney at your side.

Without properly setting up your business, none of your assets are protected. Consulting with an experienced attorney who is skilled in all aspects of business law is seriously advised even for those with small businesses. In the case of partnership or employment, it’s especially important.


When it comes to business law matters in the Daytona Beach area, schedule a consultation Heidi S. Webb, Attorney at Law. Finally, the practical, professional and affordable legal guidance you’ve been looking for. Contact Heidi for a free consultation today.

“I stay updated on business law and take the time to fully assess your individual situation so I can help you make the best decisions for your individual needs.” – Attorney Heidi Webb

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