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Heidi is a bright star in the universe of Family Planning Attorneys!
Choosing a attorney to trust with your family planning is difficult at the least. We met with various attorneys in hopes the selection process would be easy. Until we met with Heidi we found small things bothered us about each attorney we interviewed.
When we met with Heidi we signed a contract at the end of the meeting. That was unusual for us because, trust me, we like to do due diligence in any decision we make. Heidi not only impressed us with her practical knowledge but her advice and rationale was on the mark.
Now that we have completed our planning I can say we were not disappointed and we feel like we we have someone that will stick with us and our family in case of the unexpected, or just the normal expectations of life and death.
Thank you Heidi for your caring and competence. 

~ Don and Pat T

Heidi Webb is a respectable attorney who represented me outstandingly well in my case. In my opinion, I highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for someone to represent them in any difficult and delicate case. She did an excellent job communicating with me and listening to my concerns. She represented me well and treated me and my family very fairly. She was very understanding and helped me get through some of my most difficult times. I love the fact that she advised me very well, explained every detail with my case, often asked about the well being of my children, and informed me with key details throughout the entire process of my case. With Heidi, I felt very comfortable knowing she was in my corner and had no concerns losing her as a professional and family friend. I am so happy on how we finally settled on my case and feel a huge sense of relief and happiness. Thank You Heidi

~ JC

Questions to Ask Yourself Regarding Your Estate Plan

Questions to Ask Yourself Regarding Your Estate Plan

When you are ready to get your plan in place there are several questions to ask yourself regarding your estate plan before you meet with your Estate Planning Attorney.  Preparing a well-drafted plan will save your family and loved ones from trying to determine your wishes. Here are a few questions to ask yourself regarding estate planning.

Who Will Take Care of Your Children?

If you are a parent, one primary concern is deciding who will care for your children in the event of your death. No parent wants to consider this scenario but planning for this will prevent future disputes and make sure your children are with an individual of your choosing.

Who Will Manage Your Finances & Medical Decisions if You Can’t?

If an injury or illness leaves you unable to make decisions for yourself, someone will need to manage your finances and make medical decisions on your behalf. You can appoint a Durable Power of Attorney to make these financial decisions and a Health Care Surrogate for medical decisions. The person you select should be responsible, trustworthy, and willing to take on this responsibility.

Without a Durable Power of Attorney, a Florida court will appoint a Guardian on your behalf —and it could be a stranger.

Who Will Be Your Beneficiaries?

When planning your estate, one of the most critical questions is: whom will you name as beneficiaries? Beneficiaries can be whomever you want.

This decision is a personal one. You may have close friends you consider family but are not legally recognized as your relatives. These individuals may be named as beneficiaries when planning your estate.

How Do You Want Your Property and Assets Distributed?

Determining property and asset distribution is one of the most complex aspects of estate planning.

A Will is the only way to ensure that your property and assets are distributed per your wishes. Trusts can help eliminate probate fees. Without a will, your property and assets will be distributed as per Florida’s intestate succession laws.

Who Will be the Personal Representative of your Estate?

When planning your estate, you will need to appoint someone as Personal Representative [PR]. They will manage all of the affairs related to your estate after your death, including:

  • Making all necessary notifications of death
  • The probate process
  • Submitting your will
  • Gathering assets
  • Paying your debts
  • Handling taxes
  • Closing the estate

In Florida, PRs may receive reasonable compensation for their work and a percentage of the estate’s value. These costs should be considered when naming your PR.

If you have someone in mind for the job, talk to them first and use this list to organize the questions to ask yourself regarding your Estate Plan. The appointment of a PR is a complicated and sometimes stressful one. The person you appoint must be ready and willing to take on these responsibilities if you want to avoid disputes and prolong the probate process.

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