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I can't thank Heidi and staff enough for the help that was given in resolving my cousins/aunts estate. I live out of state and not being in Florida was never an issue with getting this complicated estate worked out. Every aspect was handled with courtesy and expedience. Thanks so much!!

~ David P

What a wonderful, professional Attorney my family and I found in Heidi Webb! For years, we put off creating a formal will and medical directives, but COVID-19 was the wake up we needed. I knew that we could no longer procrastinate. I searched around town and made a few phone calls and decided on Heidi’s firm. Everything went smoothly. In our first phone conversation, she shared valuable information about things that I never knew or considered. I really appreciated the advice. Her assistant, Molly was also very helpful. Heidi provided all the forms we needed to protect our family and property as well as our medical wishes. The process did not take long and was done via telephone, email, mail, and video conferencing. We could have gone into her office to complete the process, but we chose to use these methods due to COVID-19 restrictions. I am so thankful to Heidi and her team for their help getting things in order for our family. I consider her to be trustworthy and highly ethical. Based on our experience with Heidi and her team, I also consider her to be warm and welcoming with all varying types of people and cultures. Thanks again Heidi and Team!

~ Cecile B

Tips to Work with your Attorney

work with your attorney

Hiring an attorney can be a stressful time no matter the issue and it is critical to communicate clearly and work with your attorney and their staff. Once you have taken the time to research and hire an attorney it is critical to put your trust in them to handle your issue in your best interest. No matter what the reason is for having legal counsel, as a client, you must trust the individual you have hired so let them do their job. Here are some specific examples of how best to communicate and work with your attorney to reduce stress and not slow down the legal process.

Let the Attorneys do the talking

I know it might get frustrating when opposing counsel does not timely return phone calls or emails but as a client you must let the process flow – do not call the opposing attorney’s office. Most people think this is helping, but it is not. Clients must let the attorney do their job and handle the legal issues. Having too many cooks in the kitchen can cause unnecessary delays in your legal matter.

Keep your Attorney Informed of New Developments

Your attorney works for your and your best interested, if you make a decision regarding your legal matter they are handling for you, let them know. The attorney can not do the best job for you if they are not completely informed on your issue.

Ask Questions

If you are unclear of the legal process, ask your attorney for an explanation. That is what we are here for, to help you in your situation and be the source of legal counsel. Looking for an answer on Google may not be the correct one for your unique legal situation and misinformation can cause undo stress. If you take the time to hire an attorney that you trust, keep that trust and communicate with them on any questions you have regarding your legal situation.

The legal process can be an emotional one, not matter the issue but by following these basic tips will keep the relationship with your attorney a productive and professional one.

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