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We recently completed a new will and trust with Heidi Webb, attorney in Daytona Beach. Even though we had these documents from another state, they needed to be replaced to comply with Florida laws. When we met with Heidi, she reviewed our documents, explained what needed to be done and why, and answered all our questions and concerns. Where other lawyers said what we should do, Heidi asked us what we wanted to do and then explained pros and cons. We never felt rushed and she gave us all the time we needed to make our final decisions. Her professionalism, interest in her clients, friendly personality and care went a long way to making the whole process easy and very pleasant. We highly recommend Heidi Webb for your estate planning needs.

~ Daniel R

The office staff is very professional, helpful and welcoming. Heidi is through easy to talk to. I now feel my wishes are well laid out and easy for those involved to carry out .

~ Kathy M

What Happens If You Die Without A Will?

If you die without a will in Florida, you have no say over who will get your assets. Instead, the state decides who gets what. Assets will be divided among your closest relatives under the direction of “intestate succession” laws.

If your estate must be settled through probate, a significant amount of your assets may go toward legal fees and court costs. The expenses of the probate process must be covered while they are working to settle your estate, so your assets will be used to cover those expenses. If you plan ahead, a lot of that can be avoided.

Basically, to sum it up, your hard earned assets will go toward expenses rather than to your loved ones. Basic estate planning enables you to distribute assets as you see fit, and if you choose to do so, provisions can be set up so the probate process can be avoided all together.

With proper planning and guidance from an experienced estate planning attorney, you can ensure that your beneficiaries get more of your assets. Proper planning can also result in much less tax liability and avoid the legal expenses that result from the probate process.

Now is the Time to Take Action

When it comes to estate planning in Daytona Beach and surrounding areas, you can call Heidi S. Webb Attorney at Law for a free consultation. She will work with you and carefully scrutinize your individual situation in order to make the best recommendations for your needs. As an experienced attorney skilled in all aspects of estate planning––including preparation of last will and testaments, durable power of attorney, various kinds of trusts, healthcare directives, and more––Heidi Webb is a lawyer you can trust to handle all matters regarding the proper planning of your estate.


Heidi Webb Daytona Beach Attorney

Don’t put off planning for your future and for your loved ones. You have worked hard for what you own, and you want to have the final say in who gets what. Take action now and proceed with estate planning. Whether your needs are complicated and detailed or you just need a basic estate planning package, we can promptly and adequately address your wishes. Contact Heidi today to get started. 

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