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Personal Representative

Heidi has prepared wills, durable power of attorney and Living wills for multiple relatives, my mother and me.

We recently needed to update documents for my mom. After a couple of phone consultations during which Heidi asked questions to ascertain all of our needs, we scheduled an appointment to meet and sign. Heidi always displays great level of care, concern and professionalism. She is very knowledgeable and quite thorough. The whole process was very smooth and easy. Mom was comfortable and felt heard and cared for. I have recommended Heidi to a number of friends and family and they have all echoed the same sentiment. If you are looking for the utmost respect and care while completing your estate planning I urge you to call Heidi.

~ Michael U

Heidi Webb in an excellent attorney ! She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, affordable and amazingly easy to reach.
Heidi was essential in the startup of our new company and remains a central figure guiding us every step of the way.
In addition, she is very pleasant to work with and easy to understand. I don't know what we would have done without her but I'm sure glad we didn't have to find out.
I would recommend Heidi Webb to anyone in search of a terrific attorney !!! 

~ Ray M

Hurricane Season 2024

Tips on How to Prepare for Hurricane Season

As hurricane season approaches in Florida, residents face the annual reality of preparing for potential natural disasters. Beyond the necessary steps of securing physical safety and property, it’s also crucial to consider strategies for protecting financial assets and legal documents.

Insurance: Your First Line of Defense

  1. Review Your Insurance Policies: Regularly review your insurance policies to ensure they cover the most common types of damage during a hurricane, such as wind and flood damage. It’s vital to understand the specifics of what your insurance covers and any potential gaps.

  2. Consider Additional Coverage: Depending on your location and the value of your assets, additional coverage like flood insurance might be necessary. Remember, standard homeowner’s insurance does not typically cover flood damage.

Safeguarding Legal Documents

  1. Secure Important Documents: Keep important legal documents such as wills, estate plans, insurance policies, deeds, and personal identification in a safe, waterproof, and fireproof location.  The bottom drawer of the file cabinet = a bad idea.  Trust me on that one!
  2. Digital Copies: Create digital copies of crucial documents. Store them in a secure cloud storage service to ensure they can be accessed from anywhere, should physical copies be destroyed or lost.

Financial Preparedness

  1. Emergency Fund: Maintain an emergency fund that can cover at least three to six months of living expenses. This fund should be readily accessible in case of significant disruptions caused by a hurricane.
  2. Secure Access to Funds: Ensure that you have multiple ways to access your funds. This can include keeping a small amount of cash at hand if ATMs and credit systems temporarily go down.

Property Protection

  1. Home Reinforcement: Take steps to reinforce your home to withstand hurricane forces—this includes impact-resistant windows and doors, reinforced roofing, and securing or removing potential flying debris.
  2. Inventory Home Contents: Keep an updated inventory of valuable possessions. This will be a life saver for insurance claims and tax deductions on losses that aren’t covered by insurance.

Legal Considerations

  1. Review Your Estate Plan: Make sure your estate plan is updated and reflects any new assets or changes in your life that could affect how your estate is managed if something happens to you.
  2. Power of Attorney: Consider setting up a durable power of attorney. This allows someone you trust to manage your affairs if you are unable to do so during a disaster.

Community Resources

Utilize community resources available for hurricane preparedness. Many local governments and organizations offer resources and workshops on how to protect your home and assets during the hurricane season.

Preparing for hurricane season in Florida requires a comprehensive approach that includes securing physical, financial, and legal protections. By taking proactive steps to review insurance policies, safeguard important documents, and ensure your home is fortified against storms, you can significantly mitigate the risks posed by these natural disasters. Remember, the time you spend preparing now can offer peace of mind and protection when a hurricane threatens.

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