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Heidi Webb is a respectable attorney who represented me outstandingly well in my case. In my opinion, I highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for someone to represent them in any difficult and delicate case. She did an excellent job communicating with me and listening to my concerns. She represented me well and treated me and my family very fairly. She was very understanding and helped me get through some of my most difficult times. I love the fact that she advised me very well, explained every detail with my case, often asked about the well being of my children, and informed me with key details throughout the entire process of my case. With Heidi, I felt very comfortable knowing she was in my corner and had no concerns losing her as a professional and family friend. I am so happy on how we finally settled on my case and feel a huge sense of relief and happiness. Thank You Heidi

~ JC

Great to work with. I live in TX and had a trust to close in FLA they were a great help.

~ John R


Estate Planning Terms Part II

When you have lost a loved one; in addition to the pain of loss, you may also need to navigate the vocabulary and processes associated with managing the affairs of the person who has passed away. Therefore, it is best not to attempt to go through this process alone. It is highly recommended that family members go through the procedures with the help of an experienced Probate attorney.

Even so, you may hear several unusual terms during this time. It is essential to learn the definitions of these terms as they can impact your life and others in your family.

Decedent -A decedent is the person who has died.

Intestate – This references a Decedent who has died without having written a will. 

Testator– A decedent that had written a will before their death.

Trustee– A trustee is the administrator of a trust. A trust is a legal document in which one or more trustees hold the legal title of the property for the benefit of the beneficiaries.

Executor – The Executor is responsible for wrapping up the deceased person’s affairs and distributing the assets to, or for the benefit of, the persons named in the will (beneficiaries). The Executor is appointed in the testator’s will.  In Florida, this is called a Personal Representative.

These are only a very few of the ‘foreign’ words you will hear during the Probate process.  It is important you feel comfortable with the attorney you hire so that you can ask them what something means and educate yourself throughout the process —things are less daunting when you understand.

If you need help with the estate of a loved one or want to put your plan together, call me today for a free consultation. Please visit my website to read what my clients say about my services and visit my blog for more informational estate planning information.

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