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We were in need of a trust and will package. After checking around with some of the bigger firms in the area we settled on Heidi S. Webb because she was so attentive to what we needed during our initial free zoom consultation. Heidi and her very able assistant Molly gave us great advice and prepared documents tailor made to our needs. The entire process was smooth and very reasonably priced. Something we had dreaded dealing with for years turned out to be a pleasure thanks to Heidi.

~ Kevin S

You're such a great lawyer. I am so grateful for your passion, dedication, and professionalism. I've hired lawyers before, but you are truly the best. Thank you so much!

~ Jeannette L

Instead of leaving your funeral wishes in your Will, communicate with your loved ones about what you want.

Ask Heidi: Should my funeral arrangements be part of my Estate Planning documents?

No, you do not want your arrangements in your estate documents. The funeral arrangements are made before the legal matters of the deceased Will.

Instead of leaving your funeral arrangements in your Will, communicate with your loved ones about what you want.in your Will, communicate with your loved ones about what you want. I also recommended making a separate document that spells out your wishes for the funeral and giving this document to the executor or executrix of your estate.

The items you DO want to include in your Estate Planning documents are:

In addition, for the Will to be valid in Florida it must have the following:

  • It must be in writing.
  • It must be signed by the testator (person making the will).
  • The testator signature must be at the end of the will.
  • The testator must sign the will in the presence of two witnesses.
  • The two witnesses must sign the will in the presence of the testator and in the presence of each other.

Heidi S. Webb, Attorney at Law, serves clients in Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Port Orange, Melbourne, and beyond with matters of Elder Law, Estate Planning, and Probate Law.

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