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Gratitude and our deepest respect to Heidi Webb and her dedicated staff in bring our 12 year old Estate Plan with a Revocable Trust up to date. We really appreciated our time spent with Heidi in the review and final presentation of our Estate Plans. Again, Our THANKS to Heidi and her devoted Staff for a job well done.

~ Ray H

Heidi is amazing! She prepared all of our estate documents. She took the time to understand our needs, prepared everything based upon our needs and desires, and explained everything thoroughly, yet in terms that were easily understood. I HIGHLY recommend Heidi! She's very knowledgeable, professional and accessible. She also has an amazing staff!

~ Merry S

penalty clause

Can I have a Penalty Clause for Contest in my Will?

Just because a clause is in your will does not mean the court will enforce it.

The purpose of a penalty clause is to discourage disgruntled relatives from contesting your will.

This concept purports to prevent anyone who mounts a legal challenge—and loses—from inheriting a penny from you.

Putting a penalty clause in your will may give you a false sense of security because the clause might not be enforced. Your state’s law will affect how effective a no-contest clause will be or if it will be effective at all.

In the State of Florida, the courts will not enforce this clause.

I advise you to discuss with your heirs your wishes in your estate plan in the hopes that this discussion will result in the heirs not squabbling over your estate once you pass.

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