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I would like to express my deep gratitude to Heidi for responding quickly to my concerns, giving me a specific, well thought out game plan, and for providing me with invaluable resources as I deal with my mother's decline into dementia.  Highly recommend.


~ Karen G.

Heidi did an AMAZING job as our estate planner! With a somewhat complicated situation in creating a trust for us, as we were living in different states at the time, she made the process easy to understand. Her knowledge of estate planning in all areas of the country was invaluable in assisting us with our needs and explaining each step through the process. We would gladly encourage anyone hiring an estate planner to consider Heidi Webb. Thank you Heidi! :)

~ Sarah L

estate planning mistakes

Common Estate Planning Mistakes

Estate planning is one of the most critical things you must do during your lifetime. Unfortunately, most people are inexperienced with the process, so they can easily make mistakes. Here are some estate planning mistakes I see in my practice and how to avoid them.

Not communicating your plans

You should tell your family whom you’ve chosen as Personal Representative and whom you’ve named as the Trustee, if applicable. To help avoid unpleasant surprises when your estate is being settled, talk to your heirs once your plan is drafted so they know what to expect.

Not reviewing your plans periodically

Don’t forget about your estate plan once you create them. As discussed in a previous blog post, your situation and interests may change over time and you’ll want to review your plans once in a while to see if they need to be modified.

Not Using an Estate Planning Attorney

Hiring a legal professional is the only way to ensure your plan is correct. After all, you wouldn’t hire an A/C guy to fix your plumbing, right? The same goes for Estate Planning. So take the time to find the right attorney for your needs. This process can be complex, and it pays to hire a professional that is up to date on the law and has the experience to meet your needs.

Creating an Estate Plan is one of the most important things you can do for your family and loved ones. But don’t let your good intentions fall to the wayside because you make any of these unintentional Estate Planning mistakes.

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