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I hired Heidi to create my trust. She is professional, knowledgeable and also very personable. She took her time explaining everything and I never felt rushed. The staff is very welcoming. Highly recommended.

~ Paul B

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Heidi for responding quickly to my concerns, giving me a specific, well thought out game plan, and for providing me with invaluable resources as I deal with my mother's decline into dementia.  Highly recommend.


~ Karen G.

revising your estate plan after remarriage.

Should I Change My Plan Now that I am Remarried?

If you are planning to remarry or have already remarried, you need to revisit your estate plan to ensure that your wishes and those of your future spouse are protected. Here are three reasons why I advise revising your estate plan after remarriage.

Protect your children from prior marriages

Suppose no appropriate estate planning is in place. In that case, you can imagine a scenario where one spouse with children from a prior marriage dies and, after inheriting the entirety of the joint assets of the estate, the surviving spouse disinherits those children by leaving everything only to the natural-born children of the surviving spouse.

Protect your new spouse

Estate planning will ensure that the new spouse is protected after remarriage. After remarriage, if one spouse dies before updating his or her will and beneficiary designations to include his or her new spouse, the new spouse may be left without the inheritance his or her spouse wanted.

Protect your health care wishes

It is essential to have an advanced health care directive in place. By having appropriately drafted and completed legal documents, spouses can communicate their specific wishes regarding healthcare decisions and medical treatment and eliminate the potential for conflict.

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